Yunca Oscar

Yunca Oscar

Oscar is a stylish modern unit, and the pre-set air control takes the guesswork out of getting the best from your fire.

Just keep topping up the wood as needed, and the heater takes care of keeping the emissions as low as possible. Since it’s pre-set at the factory for optimum performance, there are no user-controlled air intakes to worry about at all.

Owners of smaller well-insulated homes appreciate the Oscar’s natural good looks and less intrusive footprint.

It can be used as both a primary and secondary heating source depending on climate, room size and insulation.


  • HEAT OUTPUT: Estimated 12kW maximum
  • EMISSIONS AND EFFICIENCY LEVELS: Standard model conforms to sub 0.5g/kg emissions with efficiencies of 65% or greater (without water booster).
  • OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Eco Half Shield Flue Guard (Painted)
  • COLOURS: Standard – HTP BLACK (Hi-Temp Paint)
  • Optional vitreous enamel colours – Gunmetal Black, Arctic White, Silver Grey, Chocolate, Blue Grey, Saffron, Canary, Wasabi, Sage.