Wagener Sparky

Wagener Sparky

We designed Sparky to fit a gap in the market for a good looking, compact wee fire but we never dreamed that he would win so many hearts all over the country and in so many diverse situations and locations.

Sparky is a little bit of fun. He’s a happy, chirpy little guy who would love to go on holiday with you. Fit him in your mobile home, camper or house boat and he will keep you cosy and warm.

Let him boil your kettle for a cuppa and even heat your water for a nice hot shower.

Pop him in your small home or holiday bach or tuck him up in front of your inefficient old open fire. Sparky will chuckle away and brighten your day.

We are now hearing feedback that Sparky is even being installed in larger, modern, well insulated houses where home owners still want to enjoy the look and atmosphere of a fire but don’t require a large heat out put.

It seems everyone loves Sparky

Heat Output

Sparky generates a cosy 7 kws (estimated) heat output. A “Lion” wet back can be fitted to heat your hot water.

Wagener Sparky Features

  • Modern clean burning technology
  • Solid 5mm steel construction
  • Brick lined firebox
  • Removable baffle for easy cleaning
  • Optional “Lion” Wetback for hot water
  • Top and rear flue outlet
  • Cooking surface
  • Multi fuel
  • Ashpan and grate
  • Hi temp paint finish in black
  • Optional log box base