Firenzo Athena Flush AG/RU

Firenzo Athena Flush AG/RU

The heavily detailed fascia replicates the craftwork of older homes, particularly the traditional and much loved New Zealand villa. Athena is our top-of-the-line model with cast surrounds and cast iron door. You have the option of gold, silver or black trim.

Firenzo Athena Flush AG/RU Features

  • Suitable for homes 110 – 180 square metres
  • 10 year warranty
  • ECan and MFE approved
  • Rated 69% efficiency
  • Rated emissions 0.9g/kg

AG = Air Guard – ECan approved for air sheds rated 1.0g/kg emissions or less.

RU = Rural – Suitable for properties over 2 hectares and not restricted by clean air regulations.

Urban = MFE approved for air sheds rated for 1.5g/kg emissions.