Intex Pools and Parts

Intex Pools and Parts

Intex Pools and Parts.

Intex Pools, Intex Parts, Easy use, Easy Set up

Intex Pools and Parts, Active fire and Water for all your Intex Needs, Available in all sizes and shapes

Intex Pools and Parts

Intex Pools are leading the way in above ground pools globally, 40 years of Experience in design and production. With unparalleled quality, innovation and cost, unlike any other soft walled above ground pool available on the market.


The Intex range;

The Intex range of  pools and inflatables, available from small children’s pools to Prism Frame pools. We are pleased to be able to offer the latest Intex Pools, parts and accessories.

Offering affordable means of relaxation and recreation without breaking the bank. With a comprehensive range of pools, Intex pumps and accessories, and water toys.

Importantly this means that we are able to provide spare parts, so you can take comfort in knowing that your Intex pool will last for years to come.

With innovation from Intex, The Hydro Aeration Technology (H.A.T). Brings revolutionary water aeration techniques to your backyard, reducing clean up and maintenance of your Above ground Pool. Incorporated into all Intex filter pumps, sand filters and combination filtration systems. Allowing improved water circulation, filtration and water clarity. This fantastic new technology increase Negative Ions in water, meaning longer chemical life, less clean up and more relaxation.

The average set up time of just 90 Min, lets you get the latest in soft above ground pools, for a fraction of the cost and set up time! The simple easy to following instructions you can be swimming at home in no time at all.


Active Fire and Water Your Intex Warehouse


Come see our pools available from $39.99, all your relaxation needs are covered. Beat the heat and be summer ready, With Intex available now!


Intex Alt Board Motor

Intex Out Board Motor


Pool Floating

Intex Inflatabull for that wild rodeo in your pool, this bulls got attitude can you handle him?


Intex inflatabulls and accessories

Some of the available Intex Inflatables and accessories


Intex Canopy seat

Intex Canopy Island float your cares away in this shaded pool seat good for the beach and your batch

intex Round Prism Pool

Intex Prism Frame Round pool

intex Rectangular Frame pool

Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool


Intex metal Frame Pool

Intex Metal Frame Pool available in Various Sizes


Challenger Kayak K1 Inflatable With Oar and Pump

Challenger Kayak K1 Inflatable With Oar and Pump

intex Inflatable Challenger 3 boat

Intex Inflatable Challenger 3 comes with Oars and high Output hand pump for fast Inflation

Intex Inflattable boat

Intex Challenger 2

Intex Inflatable mariner 4 boat set

Mariner 4 Boat Easy set up and pack down, comes with high out put pump 2 oars and inbuilt fishing road holders and convenient carry case

Intex Inflatable Mariner 3 Boat

Mariner 3 Ease of use, Easy set up and Pack down, one of the sturdiest Inflatable boats on the market, comes with and Oar kit, a high out put pump. With the easy sto design simply grab your pack pop it in the back and off you go, set up takes minutes and your ready to go.

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